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The fault not in our stars

A culpa não é das estrelas

Blame it on the cigarette, cachaça, pollution, bad food and genetics. Why do people find it so romantic a film that people die of cancer? There’s nothing romantic, is so much pain and suffering for the patient and for the family.

No, you do not understand what is going through this disease and that kind of movie do not help. That kind of movie just make you cry, suffer and get depressed.

On my wedding day, I discovered that I had cancer and my dream was never get married in a hospital bed. I canceled everything and I did the treatement. I gave it all to God and fought until I get exhausted with all my strength, using all the faith that I never knew I had. I did’nt do a list of last wishes, because my desire was be cured and if God didn’t do that, my faith in Jesus would not decrease.

Miracle is supernatural, is not common and small. I survived by a miracle of God, married and He gave me a beautiful daughter.

I’ll give you a tip: Go watch Transformers.

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