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João Guilherme Barros Testimony’s (Abstract)

First of all, forgive my english. I`m open to any suggestion.

Change of life

I’ve never been ex-something, I’ve never been ex-junkie, ex- alcoholic, ex-gay, etc, I was only a nominal catholic, so I decide that was a time to be a real catholic, read the bible, go to church every week and “enjoy the life”. I did workout, ballroom dance, new friends, party, lots of girls and alcohol. I wasn’t a alcoholic, I was a “ordinary guy having a good time”.

So celebrating my birthday in a nightclub I found my future wife, Dellanes (believer), that was also celebrating her birthday with her friends. We danced, kissed, talked and one month later we started the date.

As a real catholic, I made a deal with her, were going to Baptist church on Sundays and Catholic Church on Mondays. I began to see differences, the pastor cried a lot, cults endless during more than two hours with extra time and I liked more the speaks calmly of the priest, the Catholic Mass last only 45 minutes. I started to think about what the pastor said and tried to understand and compare with my beliefs and convictions. The pastor Luciano Jorge, welcomed me very well, hug me and talk to me. People there were very friendly and care about me, I did not feel judged or condemned for being Catholic. One day I thought, my “quota” of religion was very high, once a week was enough, so I had more time to have a good time, so I was just going to Baptist church.

Got my change, I even liked the preaching, the pastor knew the Holly Word, he wasn’t those guys of TV who like money, Jesus became more clear to me and not that image I had of a dead guy on the cross, but my ear still hurt . I wanted to go out front to talk publicly accepting Jesus in my life, but I was afraid what people will think of me, my friends, my family, I’m believer? How so? I want Jesus in my life but I don’t want to be a religious!

Then one day, a pastor was preached in the church, he called, but I was not, I wanted to go, but I didn’t. The following week a ex-priest Pastor Nivaldo was in the church, gave his testimony and preaching theological clarified all the doubts I had, I was not even thinking of going there, I think he would not even call, but called a few times, then I got up, my legs seemed not mine, it seemed like I was being compelled to stand and walk. I almost did not answer when he asked if I wanted to accept Jesus, I even think he expected me to be more excited, but I was a mix of fear, excitement and concern. Dellanes hardly believe I was there in front and nobody forced me to GO there, no one ever even asked if I wanted to do it. God deals with each one differently, different people, different experiences.


I’ll pass by the cross

I started getting interested in Christian music, but none that church’s music, things I like, rock! I found quite a lot, I’m starting to like that change. I was baptized, began going on retreats, hills, to visit other churches, and meeting people, sometimes very religious people (boring). For those who did not want to get married, I started to feel more comfortable with such idea, so we did a course to be engaged that I like so much and decided to get married and bought an apartment in construction, only about six months after the that course we got engagement and begin to organize the wedding.

Everything organized and paid, there was only about 2 months of marriage my nose bled and I went at the doctor very calm, after all this happens to many people. I took the exam and the video showed an odd mass, the doctor asked for more exams, but that exams don’t clarify the diagnosis, could be anything, even the biopsy clarified. My uncle, a doctor in Recife, convinced me to go there, because there they couldn`t define a diagnosis. My hope was to get a maximum of 30 days and return to the wedding date.

My father and I arrived in Recife, I did more tests and surgery was recommended to find out. In the day that would be my marriage I was being operated, after to be examined for more than 12 doctors. The surgery and recovery was very good, but in about 15 days came the result of the biopsy, malignancy, or cancer. We all cried a lot, but I was confident it would be all right. My nights were not the best I prayed I heard much music, but it was very hard to wait for the start the treatment. Until two days before starting chemotherapy and radiotherapy I brought my bride to spend two weeks with me, I felt very alone even in the house of my aunt with my father, I needed my bride too, since my mother and my brothers could not come, and this time with my fiancée was very important to me, I became more confident and secure.

But treatment is hard, weekly cycles of chemo and radiotherapy every day, and after 2 weeks she went back to Cuiabá and I felt uncertain by the future and depressed, I prayed very much, but I felt alone, even surrounded by people. I always tried to show optimism and certainty of God can cure me. I began to prophesy in my life, and I talked to people that I was healed that Jesus had healed me, but I was having treatment for cancer and some people do not believe with the same faith in Christ, but they saw my faith with I did not have before beginning this storm. Jesus didn’t said – “Go and you will face a storm,” he said to the apostles, – “Go and cross to the other side” since the middle of the crossing to get up a storm with Jesus face this storm and reach the other side.

I lost 10 pounds and could not eat well, just soup and liquids because radiotheraphy burned my throat and mouth and my stomach was sick by chemo. I the radiotheraphy reached the hair of beard and neck. My immunity fell for some weeks, and I could not do the chemo and the doctor told me to eat better, immunity rose and returned to the treatment, my parents helped me encouraging me to eat. Cecilia, a housemaid did everything for me, my father showed her how to cook for me, the issue of cleaning the house and clothes because of my immunity, she is believer, I believe it was God who sent her there, not because she is a believer, but she helped me as a missionary.

Rarely do I not cry, either during the night, by phone or by GTalk with Dellanes and I understood what it meant what Paul said when he spoke he was crucified with Christ. I was in this situation as an expression of the will of God, my life is in the God’s hands. That is why Paul says in Galatians 6 that he gloried in nothing but the cross of Christ. Life is not won on the arm, is the gift of the Lord’s hands, it’s grace. When I lived by the strength of my arm I lived desperate imagine the days that a will not have arm. It is useless to sleep late, trying to win by the strength of the arm that God has to give while we sleep.

I began to prophesy cure for me. I counted the days to finish the treatment and then I went back to the fifth chemo prophesying that would be my last, but I even corrected, because missing one more chemo, plus three additional cycles of chemo, but my immunity fell again. Radiotherapy had finished, but the treatment protocol was that I needed those extra chemo cycles. I started to get scared, that were difficult times. Months passed and my oncologist just releasing me to go back to Cuiabá to the Christmas and New Year to see if the immunity would rise. It was a good period but tense. I had many food’s limitations. I was afraid of anything that might interfere with the immunity I did not touch anyone and avoided people. It’s horrible not being able to touch people, loneliness was the feeling that I felt more in this storm and they asked me: “- But you have no God?” Yes, but solitude is different from loneliness, I do not want to be alone. God made us social beings, we need God, but we need each other too, we are human.

I could have gone to São Paulo, look for the best cancer treatment, but I was where God wanted me to be, money didn’t no difference at all, but God made the difference in my life. In February I returned to Recife, because they were concerned, since I needed to finish the treatment. I went back and asked all medical tests and said I was fine, no sign of tumor recurrence and all images clean. As I asked the Lord I was free to live, marry and have children. Back to Cuiabá I went back to work and then begin preparations for the wedding, after 9 months of struggle, was born again. By the way, work was the best thing for my recovery.


The Best of the Lord

We set the date for April 11, 2012 with the Judge, after all I wanted to resolve the issue of marital status as soon as possible. On May 26, 2012 at the IBNG church we marriage. Everything was perfect, more than we ask and imagine, God gave up everything and not missing anything, as prophesied by the late Pastor William Max. Everyone enjoyed the ceremony and the party as God meant it was because Jesus was invited to our wedding.

Our honeymoon was in Recife, along with the medical review, we enjoyed everything we could, we had a scare with the examination, but the doctor said it was nothing, I’ve scared because I’ve searched in Google. As I said to many people throughout this storm, my case is not on Google, is in the hands of God.

I thank everyone who helped me in one way or another from the person who smiled at me, and everyone who helped me whenever I needed. People I do not even know the name, people who prayed for my healing. Glory to God. Lord bless you all.

The apartment we had bought it I could not finance even with approved credit in the bank, but the insurer did not approve. Then my father took it up financing and God blessed me with a house. Today we are organizing our lives in the new house, slowly and without haste, and name of Jesus in 50 years I’ll stand beside Dellanes celebrating the 50º wedding.

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